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Picket & Oak – Ritual Skincare

Founded in 2011 by owner and artisan Jennifer Land out of her love for skincare and her connectivity to the natural world. Over the years the products have evolved in complexity and refinement. Today you will find a vast array of products designed to enhance our daily lives and live more intentionally. At the core of Picket & Oak is the belief that we all have rituals and routines that are a part of our daily traditions.

Skin care is often the the way in which we begin and end our day. It sets the tone for everything that is to come and it helps us to unwind through the cleansing of the days tension and impurities come evening.

Each product we craft is designed to enhance your daily skin care ritual through the intuitive power of botanicals, nourishing plant oils, and natural mineral earth deposits. They are 100% pure and made with the utmost attention to quality, potency, and vibrancy. Our commitment to quality means we work tirelessly to source from Certified organic, Local, and Ethically Wild-Crafted growers and harvesters. We are very proud of the partnerships we have with our local sources as it helps boost our small towns economy but also supports our neighbors and friends that work so hard to produce quality raw materials.

When you use a Picket & Oak product you not only are making a choice for clean natural skincare products but you are supporting hard working families in the Kittitas Valley. So the next time you open your products and set about your morning or evening ritual take a moment of intentionality to refelct on the impact your buying dollars have made. Know that you are helping a community to thrive and therefore are connected to each of us.

To Contact us:

(206) 372-6373